Roman Kolbert

Software Developer





Hi, I'm Roman.

I am a skilled software developer, an advanced roboticist, a moral philosopher and a multi-talented musician. I also like to take pictures.

What drives me is my interest in new technology and my passion for creativity. I like the challenge of complexity and I also just like to think about things. I am always on the lookout to learn something new. And because I like learning so much, I'm also quite good at it.

For you to get to know me better as a software developer, you can check out my projects. Some of them are just demos of what I can do, some of them are references to something I was involved in. Generally speaking I am a fan of agile environments and new creative ways of team work. I value a good CI/CD setup, lots of efficient testing and security.

I also like to think about life as a philosopher. My most recent work is on happiness. It focuses on ways to become happy. So if you're interested in being happy (which I totally recommend), give it a shot!

My work as a photographer is mostly based on nature. You can have a look at my pictures on this site. They are also for sale as NFTs.